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We are dedicated to making a positive impact on people’s lives by offering innovative solutions to help them achieve their wellness goals. We are proud to introduce our latest development: Stop Cannabis Challenge App, the START( Stop Tobacco With Assistance And Recover Today) App, and the Stop Vaping Challenge App. These three powerful applications have been meticulously designed to cater to various aspects of personal well-being, providing users with the tools they need to take control of their habits and lead healthier lives.


Stop Cannabis Challenge App

Stop Vaping Challenge App

Stop Tobacco With Assistance And Recover Today App

Introducing START (Stop Tobacco with Assistance and Recover Today), a groundbreaking mobile application developed to revolutionize tobacco cessation support. Designed specifically for health professionals and social workers in hospitals, clinics, and communities, START empowers you to effectively assist patients in their quest to quit smoking or smokeless tobacco.

Session-wise evidence-based counseling protocol in lay language for social and health care workers. A total of 5 sessions with textual and graphical cues to be delivered in each session

Money Saved Calculator which helps to calculate financial burden due to tobacco use and monetary benefits due to quitting;

Calendar to book next appointment;

Assessment Tests like the Motivation to Quit Scale, the Fagerstrom Nicotine Dependent Test, Quality of Life Assessment and Readiness to Quit Scale to assess the intention of quitting, intensity of dependence on nicotine and detailed assessment of each individual facet relating to quality of life.

Trackers to monitor usage, abstinence, mood, withdrawal symptoms, relapse;

Chatbot enabled FAQ section which allows social workers to clear technical or medical doubts regarding tobacco and its usage through a vast database of related knowledge;

Trigger training with strategies to help patients identify and navigate triggers;

Withdrawal symptoms management offer patients practical tools and support to minimize discomfort and increase their chances of successfully quitting tobacco;

Relaxation and motivational exercises like postural deep breathing, breathing 123 technique, and many more.

Download START today and embark on a journey towards a healthier, tobacco-free future.

Stop Cannabis Challenge App

Discover the power to pause and regain your freedom with the Stop Cannabis Challenge App! Whether you’re looking to cut back or quit altogether, our app provides you with the tools, insights, and support you need to succeed on your journey.

Begin your journey by starting our cannabis-free timer.

Monitor your mood and cravings over time to uncover your triggers and build self-awareness.

Visualize your journey by diving into detailed graphs showcasing your progress.

Collect badges for your achievements and share your journey with friends.

Invite friends to join the Stop Cannabis Challenge and embark on this journey together.

Our app sends you motivational notifications to keep your spirits high.

Explore a curated selection of evidence-based resources to educate yourself about cannabis use and reduction.

Embrace the challenge and redefine your relationship with cannabis. Download the Stop Cannabis Challenge App now and pave the way for a healthier, more empowered future!

Stop Vaping Challenge App

Stop Vaping Challenge is an app that provides a space for youth to reflect on their vaping behaviours through an “abstinence challenge”. They are encouraged to try to stop vaping for as long as they can, with the help of a timer within the app tracking seconds, minutes, and hours. This can be a highly revealing experience.

Start the Challenge Timer.

Go for as long as you can without vaping.

Check in regularly by entering Mood and Cravings information and recording photo and video diary entries in Memory.

If you vape one day, don’t forget to end the Challenge Timer. More importantly, start again! Trying as many times as you can is important.

Make it more fun by earning badges and challenging your friends!

Stop Vaping Challenge is part of a research study at the Dalla School of Public Health at the University of Toronto. By downloading this app and consenting to use it, you are helping researchers and clinicians better understand the process of quitting vaping.